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Last Updated 25 Jun 2022

European Team Option Files

Premier League by PES World - [Download] Skybet Championship by PES Word - [Download] La Liga by PES World - [Download]

Other European Teams by PES Word - [Download] Licensed Leagues by PES World - [Download] Bundesliga by PES World - [Download]

Russia Premier Liga by The Dude - [Download] Greek Superleague by Wehellas - [Download] Serie B by - [Download]

Hungarian OTP Bank Liga by Zsolt - [Download] Allsvenskan League by renzii.5451 - [Download] Ukrainian Premier League by Krivaz - [Download]

Ekstraklasa League V1 by palantir81 - [Download] Tipico Bundesliga League - [Download] Regionalna Liga by barca4evac - [Download]

Portugal Ledman LigaPro by wolf_cesar - [Download] Greek Football League by Wehellas - [Download] OF Segunda B by Funky_jr - [Download]

North Latin America Team Option Files

MLS by WWEFAN - [Download]

MLS by PES World - [Download]
USL (USA 2nd Tier) PS4 by Bill Wood - [Download] Liga MX by erzo77 - [Download]

Liga MX by C & D - [Download]

Liga Tica by JALEXFF - [Download]

Liga Tica by ARIEL 98 - [Download]
Copa Lubricantes Havoline by ALEXROELGAMER - [Download]

Copa Lubricantes Havoline by VINNI11 - [Download]
Libertadores Teams by Duck No.99 - [Download]

Libertadores Teams by JuanIgnacioSP - [Download]

OF Liga Boliviana by JP- [Download]
Liga Aguila by Pes Creaciones - [Download] Brasileiro by Emerson Pereira - [Download]

Campeonato Loto by Robldea2015 - [Download] Uruguayan League & Libertadores Teams by Emerson Pereira - [Download] Copa Movistar + Libertdores by ALEXROELGAMER- [Download]

Liga Paraguaya by Dany PES - [Download] El Salvador League by Salvadoreno - [Download] Superliga Argentina V2 by EditemosPES - [Download]

Liga PRO by EditemosPES - [Download] Peru Liga 1 by EditemosPES - [Download] Peru Liga 2 by EditemosPES - [Download]

ARGENTINE NATIONAL B by AscensoPesArg - [Download] Brasileirao Serie B by Life PES Edit - [Download] Copa America 2019 by Allendoglu - [Download]

Asia Team Option Files

SPL by Viper 12 - [Download] K - League by falcom4ever - [Download]
Captain Tsubasa by E_Thoronath - [Download]

J League by PES World - [Download] J1 League + J2 League by SenseiVialli - [Download] A-League by Nico Ultras - [Download]

ASEAN Super League by falcom4ever - [Download] Go-Jek Liga 1 by ronystan - [Download] Other Asian Teams by GustavoLevy21 - [Download]

Complete Option Files

Option File V7 by Emerson Pereira- [Download] Option File V2 by Alber Moments - [Download] Option File V7 by Zsolt72 - [Download]

Option File v9.01 by - [Download] Option File by CYPES - [Download] Option File V5 by PES Universe - [Download]

Option File by PesVicioBr - [Download] Option File by Nico Ultras - [Download]

Classic Team Option Files

EUFA Classic League by RomiRom - [Download] Classic League by pes patch 19 - [Download] PES Legends by Junior Mantis - [Download]

PES Universe Classic OF V3.1 - [Download] Classic National Teams by Claudio Ronarid - [Download] Classic Premier League by PES Universe - [Download]

Scottish Classic League by Killie 1974 - [Download] Ultimate Classic Legends File by Various - [Download] UEFA Classic League (90's-00's) by Claudio Ronarid - [Download]

Serie A Classic League Legends by thedex - [Download] Serie A 1987-88 League by thedex - [Download] Serie A 1984-1985 Classic by tomoxo22 - [Download]

Classic National Teams by A S C 10-16 - [Download] Classic CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores by ALE_84 - [Download] MLS Legends Team by PES Buck - [Download]

New York Cosmos Legends by PES Buck- [Download] France Ligue Classic by tomoxo22 - [Download] Classic European Teams by Georgi Todorov - [Download]

EURO 88 Teams by thedex - [Download] EURO 96 Teams by Georgi Todorov - [Download] World Cup 94 by Georgi Todorov - [Download]

World Cup 78 by Zsolt72 - [Download] World Cup 82 by Zsolt72 - [Download] World Cup 86 by Zsolt72 - [Download]

CONCACAF CONMEBOL Legends by Juan Perez - [Download] World Cup 74 by Zsolt72 - [Download] World Cup 90 by Zsolt72 - [Download]

World Cup 98 by Georgi Todorovz - [Download] Euro 92 Teams by Georgi Todorovz - [Download] All-Stars Legends by Vinny Xtreme - [Download]

World Cup 70 by Zsolt72 - [Download] FIFA All Stars by Ciervos Clasicos - [Download] World Cup 66 by Zsolt72 - [Download]

Classic Leagues by PESHub - [Download] Classic Serie B by thedex - [Download] Ultimate Italian Classics by thedex - [Download]

World Cup 54 by Zsolt72- [Download] EURO 2000 Teams by Georgi Todorov - [Download] EURO 1988 Teams by Georgi Todorov - [Download]

World Cup 94 by Zsolt72- [Download] World Cup 58 by Zsolt72- [Download] Classic A-League by dimitrivelen- [Download]

EURO 2004 Teams by Georgi Todorov - [Download] Classic Libertadores Teams by Gamer Forever - [Download] World Cup 2002 by Georgi Todorov - [Download]

Classic 1988-1989 Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic 1985-1986 Serie A & Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic 1996-97 & 1997-98 Serie A & Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download]

Classic 70s and 80s Serie A by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic 80s and 90s Serie A by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic 1982-1983 Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download]

Classic 1980-1981 Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic 1990-1991 Serie A & Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic 1993-1994 Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download]

Classic 1979-1980 Serie B by Krivegaz - [Download]

Kits and Misc Team Option Files

Dream Teams by Emerson Pereira - [Download] Ugly A.F Team Option File by Warclimb - [Download] Clubs Around the World by killacarrillo - [Download]

MLS 2018 All Stars by Various - [Download] Master League Youth Squad by PES World - [Download] Kit Packs and Club Logos by EmptySpaces - [Download]

All National Teams by Various - [Download] MLS 2019 All Stars by Pedro Ayllon - [Download] Escape to Victory Teams by aldoceltic - [Download]

PC Option Files

PES SMoKE Patch PC - [Download] PES Multiverse PC Patch - [Download] PTE PC Patch - [Download]

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