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2021 eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer Option Files PS4 PC eFootball
2020-21 Season

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Last Updated 28 Sep 2022

European Team Option Files

Bundesliga by CYPES - [Download] San Marino Championship by JackyIsPlayerTV - [Download] Bundesliga V2 by PES Hub - [Download]

Premier League by PES Hub - [Download] Skybet Championship by PES Hub - [Download] SSE Airtricity League by ItsHoggie - [Download]

Ekstraklasa League by PES Ekstraklasa - [Download] Other European Teams V2 by palermo1410 and Zlatan 07 - [Download] Best of Serie C/D V1.3 by AlexYala - [Download]

Greek Superleague V3 by WeHellas - [Download] Jupiler Pro League by Palermo1410 - [Download] Hrvatski Telekom Prva Liga V2 by barca4eva - [Download]

Slovakia Fortuna League by martinbucek - [Download] Bundesliga + Other European Teams by EditemosPES - [Download] Option File de Futbol Popular by VallekasKits - [Download]

Cypriot First Division by Trail Hunter - [Download] Veikkausliiga League by Jalakapalloilija and BandW - [Download] Belgium D1 + D2 by Rabb Gacy - [Download]

English Leagues by Tigers Mad - [Download] Jaen Teams by PES Albero - [Download] Liga NOS V4 by WE_DP99_PES - [Download]

Liga Portugal 2 V4 by Philips_099 - [Download] 2. Bundesliga V1.1 by cdk201 - [Download] Swiss Challenge League by cdk201 - [Download]

Baltic League by xelasan666 and Voitx9 - [Download] Greek Superleague 2 by A.D. Gamer PC Zeus - [Download] Israeli Premier League V2 by Foreza - [Download]

North Latin America Team Option Files

Liga MX 2020 Torneo Guardianes by Various- [Download] Uruguayan League V5 by Emerson Pereira - [Download] Liga 1 Movistar V4 by EditemosPES- [Download]

MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER (MLS) by wwefan - [Download] Concacaf Champions League by PES Patch Costa Rica - [Download] Liga Promerica by JalexFF and WEPES Costa Rica - [Download]

OF Liga Boliviana V2 by EditemosPES - [Download] Liga Betplay Dimayor V3 by William Moreno - [Download] Superliga Argentina V3 by EditemosPES - [Download]

Liga Pro Ecuador V3 by EditemosPES - [Download] Copa Libertadores by Emerson Pereira - [Download] Chilean Primera Division V3 by EditemosPES - [Download]

Brasileiro Serie A V1 by EditemosPES - [Download] Brasileiro Serie B V1 by EditemosPES - [Download] Liga Venezolana by EditemosPES - [Download]

Liga MX 2020 Torneo Guardianes V2.5 by Petriz17 - [Download] Libertadores (Liga MX) by Emerson Pereira and PES Buck - [Download] MLS Other Latin America Version by Various- [Download]

Liga Paraguaya V4 by Jose manu99 - [Download] Concacaf Champions League Petriz17 - [Download] Chilean Primera Division B by EditemosPES - [Download]

Serie C Brasileirao by Emerson Pereira - [Download] Liga 2 by EditemosPES - [Download] Libertadores Teams by EditemosPES - [Download]

Liga BBVA Expansion MX V2 by Yair Zacarias - [Download] NCAA Soccer by BenTide - [Download] El Salvador League by pescentroamerica - [Download]

Liga Salteno by IES GAMING - [Download] Brazil Central West States by Paulo Jr PES - [Download] Brazil South East States by Paulo Jr PES - [Download]

Serie D Brasileirão by Paulo Jr PES - [Download] Serie A, B, C, & D Brasileirão by Various - [Download] Estaduais do Nordeste B by Paulo Jr PES - [Download]

Primera Nacional by EditemosPES - [Download]

Asia Team Option Files

Hong Kong Premier League V0.9 by WEHK - [Download] Indian Super League by Grafyfoxcr7 - [Download] Liga 1 Shopee - [Download]

Hyundai A-League - [Download] Captain Tsubasa by E_Thoronath - [Download] J1 League V2 by JPESEDIT - [Download]

CAF Champions League V2 by Achraf Sabah - [Download] Moroccan League V2 by Achraf Sabah - [Download] Tunisian Ligue by Achraf Sabah - [Download]

Iraqi Premier League by Achraf Sabah - [Download] Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 By Achraf Sabah - [Download] Arabian Gulf League V1.5 by AGL_PES - [Download]

Chinese Super League V2 by Lucas PES Edit - [Download] A League V1 by barca4eva and GronKaroglan - [Download] Thai League 1 by EditemosPES - [Download]

Saudi Professional League by S. Black - [Download] Nigerian Professional Football League by orphio22 - [Download] Captain Tsubasa Club World Cup By Pirulete_87 - [Download]

Singapore Premier League By yang17 - [Download] Moroccan League V1 by PES Botola - [Download] Egyptian Premier League by mezoeg - [Download]

Persian Gulf Pro League by luxo1458 - [Download]

Complete Option Files

Option File V9 by PESVicioBR - [Download] Option File V10 by - [Download] PES Universe Option File V5 - [Download]

Option File V3 by EditemosPES - [Download] Option File V2 by CYPES - [Download] Option File V8 by Emerson Pereira - [Download]

Option File V6 by Nico Ultras - [Download] FO Tactics IA V3 by Team JSN - [Download]

Classic Team Option Files

Classic Major League Soccer 2000 (MLS) by PES Buck - [Download] 2000 MLS All Stars East vs West by PES Buck - [Download] Classic A-League by dimitrivelen and PES Buck - [Download]

21 Classic National Teams by PESBuck - [Download] Classic Champions League Winners by Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Libertadores Champions by Voitx9 and Adrian Gonzalez - [Download]

Classic Italia Serie A 1984-1985 Season by Voitx9 and tomoxo22 - [Download] FIFA World Cup Champions 1930-2014 by Voitx9 and Various - [Download] 41 Classic National Teams by Voitx9 & Various - [Download]

Classic Bundesliga by Pavel Valka and Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Liga MX by SomohanStartPerfect & Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Scottish League by Voitx9 and Killie 1974 - [Download]

MLS Legends Team by PESBuck - [Download] New York Cosmos Legends by PESBuck - [Download] Classic Gillingham FC by PESBuck - [Download]

PES Legends V7 by Junior Mantis - [Download] Classic Premier League by Various - [Download] Classic Eastern League by Pavel Valka and Voitx9 - [Download]

Classic Football Era Teams by Pavel Valka and Voitx9 - [Download] Chelsea FC Centenary XI by PES Buck - [Download] SUPERLIGA CLASSIC ARGENTINA by Adrian Gonzalez & Voitx9 - [Download]

Classic Brasileiro Year Based Teams - [Download] Classic Manchester United 1967-68 by Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Chelsea 1959-60 by PES Buck - [Download]

Classic Libertadores by Various - [Download] European Classics and World Classics by altipiani1991 - [Download] Classic Major League Soccer (MLS) by PES Buck - [Download]

Classic European Teams by Pavel Valka & Voitx9 - [Download] Argentina Torneo Clausura 1993 by EditemosPES - [Download] European Classics and World Classics by Voitx9 - [Download]

FIFA All Stars by Ciervos Clasicos - [Download] Classic Champion League Finals by Pes O.P Maste- [Download] Classic Champions League 1996-97 by Kato Ciao & Voitx9- [Download]

Classic NASL Add On by PES Buck - [Download] Historical Spanish Teams V3 by PES Historicos - [Download] PES United by PES DNA - [Download]

Classic League Legends by Various - [Download] Jupiler Pro League Classic 90-00 by Various - [Download] Classic Other Latin America Pack by Voitx9 - [Download]

36 Ex-Yu Clubs by Mortiis - [Download] Classic Brasileiro Teams by David Paes - [Download] Classic Champion League Finals Vol 2 by Pes O.P Mast - [Download]

Classic Serie A 2009/2010 by mattesera04 - [Download] Classic Serie B 2009/2010 by mattesera04 - [Download] 1996 MLS All Stars East vs West by PES Buck - [Download]

Argentina Torneo Apertura 1998 by Marty21 - [Download] NASL 1983 Season by MagicWaddle and Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Serie A 1994-1995 by Kato Ciao - [Download]

Legendary Greek Teams by Salvinho - [Download] Classic Champions League 1997-98 by Kato Ciao - [Download] 61 Classic Clubs V2 by Pro Evolution Legendary & Voitx9 - [Download]

Classic Champions League 1995-96 by Kato Ciao - [Download] Classic NASL League V5 by PES Buck - [Download] Argentina Torneo Clausura 1993 by Marty21 - [Download]

Classic Serie A 1998-1999 by Galuro87 - [Download] 88 Classic Clubs by jiangwei - [Download] Classic La Liga by Ale_84 and Voitx9 - [Download]

World Cup 1990 by ElrussiWE and Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Brasileiro by Voitx9 - [Download] 95/96 English Football Pyramid by Non-League PES - [Download]

Classic Bundesliga 1996-97 by Schalkefan86 and Voitx9 - [Download] World Cup 94 by Barobox 85 - [Download] Czechoslovak Historic League by martinbucek - [Download]

Classic Serie A 2000-2001 by Mirkvus_1981 - [Download] Classic European Winners by A.D. Gamer PC Zeus - [Download] UEFA EURO 2004 by A.D. Gamer PC Zeus - [Download]

Classic EURO Champions by A.D. Gamer PC Zeus - [Download] Copa América 1999 by Marty21 - [Download] Argentina Torneo Clausura 2003 by Marty21 - [Download]

Argentina Torneo Clausura 2007 by Marty21 - [Download] World Cup 2014 by A.D. Gamer PC Zeus - [Download] World Cup 1998 by Mirkvus_1981 - [Download]

Bury FC 2018-19 by Baz Dougall - [Download] Classic Serie A TIM 1997-1998 by Mirkvus_1981 and Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Serie A TIM 1998-1999 by Mirkvus_1981 and Voitx9 - [Download]

Classic Serie A TIM 1999-2000 by Mirkvus_1981 and Voitx9 - [Download] El Clasico 1958-59 by Vintage PES and Voitx9 - [Download] 62 years Classic Greek by A.D. Gamer PC Zeus - [Download]

Classic National Teams by Pro Evolution Legendary and Voitx9 - [Download] Classic 20 Years Fútbol de Primera by Various - [Download] América de Cali 2002 by Juanesinho - [Download]

Classic AEK Teams by Gamer A.E.K and Voitx9 - [Download] La Liga 2000's Legends by Vintage PES and Voitx9 - [Download] Classic Argentina Teams by Marty21 and Voitx9 - [Download]

Historical Boca Juniors Teams by Marty21 and Voitx9 - [Download] Historical River Plate Teams by Various - [Download] Classic Serie A TIM 2001-2002 by Mirkvus_1981 and Voitx9 - [Download]

80s-90s Classic Football by PES Universe and Voitx9 - [Download] Kaizer Chiefs 2004/2005 by genny_v1984 - [Download] Mamelodi Sundowns 2004/2005 by genny_v1984 - [Download]

Classic SPL Teams by aldoceltic and Voitx9 - [Download] 1967 NPS/United Soccer Assoc. by Rampillon77 - [Download] Classic Teams V1 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

América de Cali 2008 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Colombia 2001 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Colombia 2014 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

Classic Inaugural NASL 1968 Season by PES Buck - [Download] Atletico de Madrid 2011 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Classic Teams 70s-90s by Stagon - [Download]

Classic NASL Soccer Bowl 1978 by PES Buck - [Download] Real Madrid 1956 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Boca Juniors 1977 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

Classic American Soccer 1983 by Various - [Download] Portugal 2016 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Argentina Torneo Clausura 1996 - [Download]

2005 Confederations Cup by Marty21 and Voitx9 - [Download] Barcelona 2011 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Santos 2011 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

AC Milan 2008 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Classic PES 6 Teams V1 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Argentina Torneo Apertura 2001 by Marty21 and Voitx9 - [Download]

Classic PSL 2004-05 by Genny_v1984 - [Download] Classic Israel Teams by PES Israel Kits - [Download] France 2006 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

107 Classic Clubs by jiangwei4 - [Download] Manchester City 2011 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download] Parma 1998 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

Classic Serie A 2002-03 by Kato Ciao - [Download] Classic OTP Bank Liga All Stars by Putyek - [Download] América de Cali 1997 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

Classic Serie A 2003-2004 by Kato Ciao - [Download] 90's Campeonato Brasileiro by 4Lan KitMaker - [Download] Atlético Nacional 1989 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

Classic Bundesliga 1984-85 by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic Champions League 2004-05 by Kato Ciao - [Download] Classic La Primera Division 1984-85 by Krivegaz - [Download]

Classic English 1st Division 1984-85 by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic French Division 1 1984-85 by Krivegaz - [Download] Barcelona 2004 by Juan Eskarlata - [Download]

Classic Yugoslav First League 1983-84 by Krivegaz - [Download] Classic European Teams 1984-85 by Krivegaz - [Download] Argentina Torneo Clausura 2008 by Marty21 - [Download]

Argentina Torneo Clausura 2009 by Marty21 - [Download] Argentina Torneo Apertura 2000 by Marty21 - [Download] Argentina Torneo Apertura 2004 by Marty21 - [Download]

Argentina Torneo Apertura 2005 by Marty21 - [Download] Classic 1984-85 European Leagues by Various - [Download] La Segunda Division 1996-1997 by Vintage PES and Voitx9 - [Download]

Guatemala Legends by PesQuetzal - [Download]

Kits and Misc Team Option Files

Soccer Aid World XI by Voitx9 - [Download] Adidas All Stars by Voitx9 - [Download] Gillingham FC by PESBuck - [Download]

Dumbed Down Classic Teams by PESBuck - [Download] PES 2021 Faces by maquiavelo40 - [Download] National Teams by PES Unites - [Download]

Autism Awareness Kits by PES Buck - [Download] Breast Cancer Awareness Kits by PES Buck - [Download] Charlton Athletic FC by Lalo Granados - [Download]

Sunderland AFC by Azahel - [Download] Adidas Human Race Kits by PES Unites - [Download] NK Maribor by Kidrmann - [Download]

FC Astana by Kidrmann - [Download] FCSB (Steaua Bucarest) by Kidrmann - [Download] Viktoria Plzen by Kidrmann - [Download]

Portsmouth F.C. by Azahel - [Download] Slovan Bratislava By Kidrmann - [Download] Diego Maradona Tribute Kits by Various - [Download]

Christmas Option File by Voitx9 - [Download] Edit Hidden Master League Players by PES Buck - [Download] Indian National Team by Grafyfoxcr7 - [Download]

CONCACAF National Teams by Petriz17 - [Download] Atletico Huila by Various - [Download] EURO U21 Quarter Finals by lopez666 - [Download]

NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac by barca4eva - [Download] NŠ Mura by barca4eva - [Download] Copa América by EditemosPES - [Download]

UEFA Euro 2020 by EditemosPES - [Download] AFC Champions League V2 by LucasPESEdit - [Download] Mexico Olympic National Team by Sando - [Download]

Argentina Olympic National Team by Diego Martínez - [Download] AFC Richmond Kits and Logos by AnOrdinaryBozo - [Download] Liga MX All Star Kits by Mezoeg - [Download]

Spain Olympic National Team by Diego Martínez - [Download] Ted Lasso AFC Richmond Team by Ac3way - [Download] Kit Man Cal's Kits, Patterns, Logos, and Etc - [Download]

All National Teams (230 Teams) - [Download] Atman Patch 2020-21 Season (Fantasy) - [Download]

PC Option Files

PES SMoKE Patch PC - [Download] EvoWeb Patch PC - [Download]

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