[PC] eFootball 2022 Unlocker V3 by Bogo36
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Author:  Staff [ Fri Oct 01, 2021 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  [PC] eFootball 2022 Unlocker V3 by Bogo36

[PC] eFootball 2022 Unlocker V3 by Bogo36

It unlocks match times, seasons, stadiums, all clubs, all leagues and all difficulties.

Replace it with your dt250_console_all.cpk File
Path: "Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\cpk"
Backup the Original one first!

snibedysnab says:
A modded menu that lets you access Exhibition mode (with all the teams, difficulties, stadiums and balls so far in the game - beware though, it's very bare) as well as Edit mode (it's replacing help) - although Edit doesn't work yet, you'll be the first to know when it's implemented.

Download Link: ... l.cpk/file

Edit: 05 November 2021

The old unlocker still works for 0.9.1

But i made a fresh one based on the new Update. If you encounter some troubles with the old one use the new one:

Download Link: ... l.rar/file

Edit: 15 Apr 2022

eFootball Unlocker for 1.0:

Version 1:
You can choose many teams (not all) and you can choose all available Settings for the Match.

Its the same like the first Unlocker.

Download V1: ... 1.rar/file

Version 2:
You can choose every Team in this Game (National Teams etc.) but you cant set the AI difficulty. I tried a lot of different ways to get this to work, but i couldnt manage it.

Fix 1:
There was a bug where the Game Softlocks after the end of the match when you wanted to go back to the Main Menu.

This Should be fixed now

V2Fix1 added 18 Apr 2022
Download V2Fix1: ... 1.rar/file

V3 Added 18 Apr 2022

Version 3:
You can choose every Team in this Game (National Teams etc.) and you can set the AI difficulty.

But you still cant change the Game Speed.

Also the Commentary and Fan Chants are not working because technically the Matches with this Unlocker are "Online Training" Matches.

In Version 3 you start the exhibition Match with the Training Button in the Main Menu.

Download V3: ... 3.rar/file